The experience of Psychosis can be very frightening and often people don’t know where to turn for help.

Why refer to the EI Team?

Why refer to the EI Team?

We are a specialist team and have experience and expertise in assessment and treatment of young people between 14 and 35 with possible psychotic symptoms.

For individuals who meet our criteria we provide a detailed assessment with advice on diagnosis and management. Team members have specialist training in assessment and treatment of psychosis and are able to provide interventions such as cognitive therapy, family work medicines management or specialist support or activity groups.

Who do we see?


  • People aged between 14 and 35 who are, or might be, experiencing psychotic symptoms for the first time, whatever the cause of the symptoms (including those that are drug induced, related to mania or depression or a primary psychotic illness)
  • People who have had psychotic symptoms for some time but have never been treated

Very mild Psychosis-like experiences

These experiences are known as an “At Risk Mental State” (ARMS). That is:

  • People who have mild, or psychotic like symptoms (odd beliefs or behaviour, magical thinking, ideas of reference, paranoid ideation, perceptual disturbances) that come and go over time
  • Those who have transient psychotic symptoms that are intense but last less than a week
  • “Trait plus state” cases, i.e. those who have a family history or vulnerability, coupled with a recent change in mental state